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Course Tour

The First Hole

Hit your tee shot between the bunkers, near the 100-yard marker. 2nd shot: Don’t miss the green to the right or bye bye ball. There is room behind the green.


The Second Hole

Try to hit the left side of the fairway. Room left of the fairway, none to the right. Take an extra 1/2 club with a shot into the green. It’s much better to miss short instead of long. Enjoy this very challenging hole and two-tiered green.

The Third Hole

Can you hit your driver long and straight? That’s the shot. The shot into the green is slightly uphill the rest of the way, an extra 1/2 club should do the trick to a very large and undulating green. This hole will test your ability!

The Fourth Hole

You will see why this is one awesome hole! Favor the left side of the fairway to set up your next shot. We suggest you hit lay-up shot in front of the bunker on the right, which will put you approximately 150 yards to the center of the green. Shot into the green requires precision. The bailout is right, not long. Enjoy this well designed but TOUGH hole.

The Fifth Hole

Relax a little after 2, 3 and 4. A nice drive into a more generous fairway is just what the doctor orders. Approach shot will be over a small valley onto an undulating green. Don’t be long into this green!

The Sixth Hole

Ahhh, finally the first par 3. Don’t be fooled by the distance, this requires a good shot onto a tough to read and putt green. Long is dead!

The Seventh Hole

This hole has a very high risk to go for it off the tee, but if you are long and straight go for it. Just don’t miss it. Hit tee shot to the bottom of the hill in front of big bunker straight away. The 2nd shot will be a much safer shot into a two-tiered green. Good birdie try if you are on the correct tier.

The Eighth Hole

Tricky shorter hole to pay. Hit tee shot in front of the bunker. Approach shot to the green is just over the hill and onto a long green. Tricky green to putt. You do not want to be long into this green…nothing but trouble! Long hitters off the tee can try to hit the fairway to the left of bunkers and hill for a better look at the green but it’s not my first choice!

The Ninth Hole

Hitting hill to the right of the green will usually bounce onto the green. The bailout is past the green. Go into the clubhouse and get a drink, you’ll need it after this par 3.

The Tenth Hole

The tee shot sets up this hole. Shorter par 4 but very tricky by the green. The 200-yard tee shot in the fairway will set up a nice short iron into the green and a good birdie opportunity. Just don’t miss the green!

The Eleventh Hole

Good par 4 that requires a straight tee shot with your drive. Sloped green from front to back can create some tricky pin placements. Over the green is DEAD!

The Twelfth Hole

This par 3 has a very large green with a slight slope back to front. An iron shot over the hazard should put you in a good position…just get over the hazard and prepare for a long putt if you are opposite the pin.

The Thirteenth Hole

This hole plays much harder than it looks. Favor the left side of the fairway by aiming at the big tree. Hazard is down the right side and goes a long way down. Approach shot to the green is elevated onto a two-tiered tricky green. Long or right is wrong!

The Fourteenth Hole

A long par 5 but very playable. A good tee shot into the generous fairway sets you up to hit over the valley/hazard in front of the large bunker splitting the fairway. From here you have a short iron onto the large green. Take your par and move on, it starts getting fun from here on out.

The Fifteenth Hole

This hole plays as scary as it looks. A good tee shot favoring the right side of the fairway will give you a good look at the green. A lake to drive over and another protecting the right side of the green and long makes this one tough baby! P.S. The green isn’t easy either!

The Sixteenth Hole

Take a deep breath, look around and enjoy the picture. The step up and knock it close. Remember downhill plays a little shorter.

The Seventeenth Hole

Last two holes until the clubhouse. Hang on and keep going, you’re almost there. Try hitting your tee shot over the right edge of the bunker on the left side of the fairway. The hole doglegs left and will set you up for a great approach shot. DO NOT MISS LONG!

The Eighteenth Hole

Whew, the last hole. Figures a long par 5! Tee off and aim left of the tree, but don’t hit thru the fairway. The green is heavily tilted from left to right so I would recommend a good lay-up shot down the left side of the fairway. STAY AWAY FROM THE RIGHT SIDE! A short iron shot onto the green – tap it in for your birdie – good job, let’s eat!


Detroit News 6/24/10

“Moose Ridge course is as good as it gets in Metro Detroit.  There are many golf courses in Michigan that promote themselves as “up north” courses.  I’ve come to the understanding that a lot of courses down here like to think their course simulates the rustic feel and tricky test of golf that most courses up north offer. But most of the time, they just don’t compare. Moose Ridge Golf Course in South Lyon is not one of those pretenders”.

Oakland County Press
Voted Moose Ridge Golf Course the 2nd best public course in SE Michigan for 2008.

Detroit Free Press
Rates Moose Ridge Golf Course a top 10 course in SE Michigan. This gorgeous course is tucked away in South Lyon and features a welcoming log-cabin-style clubhouse that makes you feel like you’re in some place like Yosemite. Ray Hearn’s design is extremely challenging at every turn – the fourth hole is a par-five that measures 630 yards. It’s so long you can almost see the curvature of Earth from the tee box.”


11801 Doane Rd.

South Lyon, MI 48178

Phone: 248-446-9030